Tuesday, July 10, 2012

André Wee - Forming and Fragmenting and Lineforms

André Wee is a 22 year old student of Rhode Island School of Design. He describes himself as a visual artist who is “sleep deprived from work but very oddly happy”. Considering the amazing quality of the work he puts out I say his sleep loss is definately worth it. He uses a variety of different medias from rubber bands and paper to Photoshop to portray human nature in an organic style. His latest two are titled  Forming and Fragmenting and Lineforms, and present the human face and body using computer programs and hand drawings.
"is a series of imagery that depict portraits that exist in an eternal state of transition. It is however, uncertain as to whether these figures are in the process of “forming” or “fragmenting” due to it existing in such an undefined state. This inability to define, ironically labels these entities as beings that embody the idea of a limbo. An experience of being of two different states at the same time and yet, not belonging to either."
Being so young and already on the radar of influential blogs such as Trenland is definately a sign that he is a talent to watch!

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