Friday, March 9, 2012

Factice Magazine - Nele in “Darknelle” by Malte Pietschmann

One of the best things about internet is the globalization it enables. For example now you can view magazines from all over the world discovering something as amazing as the french magazine Factice  (french for Dummy) which with the help of Google Chrome you can translate and even read. Dummy Magazine is an online and special editions paper magazine devoted to photography. Created in February 2011 by Julie French Psaila, Dummy magazine has two objectives. The first is to offer support and freedom of expression to the strong personalities in the fashion but also to new talent of today and tomorrow.

You can view a digital version of the 11th issue here, which is basically 67 pages of very creative, unconventional and beautiful fashion editorials. Here is an example; Nele in “Darknelle” photographed by Malte Pietschmann featuring designs by Tata Christiane.

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  1. I like this special editions paper magazine devoted to photography. You are talented photographers that are already on there. Everything is excellent.

    Denver Photographer


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